People Who Inspire Me

March 15, 2013

I’m fortunate.  I don’t have to look very far to find someone who inspires me to reach for my dreams.  That person is none other than my aunt, Kathy Trum-Searah.

For as long as I can remember, Aunt Kathy has loved horses.  We’re not talking your garden-variety childhood love that stems from reading one too many Black Stallion books (that would be me).  Kathy grew up on a farm, so she knows practically everything about the care and training of all manner of equines.

A little over a decade ago, she left the comfort (and steady paycheck!) of a corporate job to pursue her dream of operating her own horse farm.  Let me just say that takes guts.  More guts than I have.  She and her family have worked their tails off to make the Trum-Searah Farm the success it is today.  Their farm covers 200 acres in New Braintree, Massachusetts, where they breed, raise, and train Connemara and Sport Horses.  (They also have a small herd of Scottish Highland cattle, chickens, and other assorted fowl.)  I visited a few months back, and watching the herd of Connemara horses galloping across the fields took my breath away

ConnemaraSo whenever I’m feeling down on myself or on my writing, I pull up my Aunt Kathy’s website and look at everything she and her family have accomplished.  It serves as a reminder that if I really want something bad enough and am willing to put in the necessary hard work, then it’s possible to achieve my own dreams.  Thanks, Aunt Kathy!

Aunt Kathy So how about you?  Who or what inspires you to reach for your dreams?

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